D.C Workers in Airbnb Proposed Some of the Strictest Airbnb Regulation in the Country

It will be more difficult in future to rent out the homes on Airbnb, if a couple of bills are passed by the D.C Council.
The district doesn’t show much interest in fighting with the housing regulations in the home sharing industry, since Airbnb agreed to remit all the tourist taxes that are imposed on short term rentals. But, fights continued in the country, as lawmakers, community groups and hospitality interests is trying to prevent property owners from using the service in order to configure the functionally hotels without regulation.
One bill passed by the union of hotel workers may ban the whole units even if the owner is not present. It disables hosts from renting out more than one unit at a time.
It creates an unusual department of enforcement within the District’s department of Regulatory Affairs and consumers to prevent to regulate inspections and authorize third parties like housing managing advocates and neighborhood groups to take legal action against violations.
Airbnb causes a threat against Airbnb profitability for Unite-Here Local 25. Another main aim of the bill is to prevent people from sparing the apartment that are otherwise inhabited by long term tenants.
A unit found that above 40 percent of the listings in Airbnb belongs to hosts who have listed more than one unit on the home rental site and the some active users advertise 79 of them.
According to the census there were thousands of housing units in the district in the year 2014 so Airbnb will not be having any effect in pricing.

Lawmakers Worry About Owners Who takes Advantage Of Airbnb

Mojority of people who rent their homes on the home rental service Airbnb lists only a single property, whereas 15 percent of them list multiple properties according to Globe review.
It is concerned about the fact that the site is used to do significant lodging business while avoiding taxes and regulation.
Another concern is that landlords who get more profit through the startup turn traditional housing to small scale units, reducing the supply of houses.
The state representative explains that the industry is totally an unregulated industry and more number of people is taking advantage of the industry. The company is not opposed to regulation and taxation.
The service of Airbnb is simple that enable people to rent a room wherever they require which have all the facilities as in home.
Taxes are already paid by some of the tourists of Airbnb in a few countries including Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington.
More than 1062 users have posted 1496 Boston listings on the website. The Globe review shows that 85 percent of the people have listed only single property, while the remaining 15 percent listed multiple properties.
The hotel industries also have concerns about the website. It says that it is fair for the spaces rented out by Airbnb are regulated and taxed.
A survey of its users revealed that 82 percent of the listed properties were primary residents, 8 percent were investment residents, 6 were secondary and remaining 4 were in law unit attached to primary.

The Short Stay Services Interrupts Airbnb In Asia

The Short term home rental services that start in Asia with new feature disrupt its super hero rival Airbnb.

Here are the top four rivals of Airbnb:


Homeaway has completely acquired Travelmob, a social networking website for accommodation and home rentals focussing on the Asia pacific region.

The sixty three percent of U.S. Company’s acquisition of Travelmob was its first attack in Asia and now it is proceeding further with its expansion of new 14 websites across Indonesia, China, India, Japan, Korea and various Asian markets. As part of the extension Travelmob has now changed the image of Homeaway with its website directing to the parent companies.

Homeaway which launched in more than 190 countries are operating with forty websites in 22 languages was slow during its launch, but it is increasing its service in Asia for renters app www.zoplay.com/web/rental-booking-script/


Tijia serves Chinese travelers having the properties inside or outside China. It has more than 3 lakh of listings across 135 countries which also provide services to the hosts.


Getting into someone’s home is really a weird thing.Most of the people doesn’t have interest in stepping into someone’s house, so Roomorama brings out the idea to give accommodation in professionally managed platform similar to apartments. Roomorama is having a highly safe payment system.

BnB hero:

This is a South Korean company having more than 5000 properties listed on its site. It is now working to impress hosts so that it can form a private accommodation belt.

Airbnb shows a remarkable growth in the corporate world

behind the generosity involves money, crazy amount of money! According to a study, most of the business travelers have migrated to Airbnb due to pricier hotel rates. The company has implemented many features in favor of the biz travelers and has also got a massive welcome as well. There is a remarkable growth with Airbnb in the business world and the company’s profit from the corporate world has shown a decent growth when compared to the previous year.

Airbnb has also offered global product suit to grab attention from the corporate world. According to a study, business travel spending has hit $302.7 billion in the year 2015 and is also expected to grow wider this year.  It is now a potential threat to many private hotels and boutique hotels that target business travelers.

Airbnb was established by Brian Chesky in the year 2008 and it has produced attractive turn outs despite being the startup company. The company now values at $24 billion, not very far away from Uber’s net value. The sources say travelers spend more nights at apartments from Airbnb than private hotels and that means Airbnb would make more money. Now, we know why hotel managements consider Airbnb as an immense threat. Airbnb has also been awarded with 4.72 ratings and it is considerably higher than the traditional hotels’ ratings. Brian Chesky would be doing a secret “victory dancing” right now!

Airbnb takes over and the luxury Paris hotels are falling apart

Airbnb, the largest online hotel distribution network is a massive hit in many countries across the globe. It has already taken down several traditional hotels and private hotels. The San Francisco based company is quiet successful in Paris and the city has the largest Airbnb offering for people as well. The apartment sharing website has got over 7,000 hotels in its listing for Paris.

The website offers around 400 properties from Paris for $500 a night and the rest cost up to $1000 a night. The company has also planned to add more hotels and apartments in its listing for France. Airbnb was already a tough competitor to the local hotel services but now that it is looking to extend its service, even the most luxurious hotels would feel the heat.

Paris is the major European city that has the most number of tourists every year and Airbnb would make a good profit of it. Since the city has got famous tourist spots, it has many luxurious hotels to accommodate the tourists, especially near Eiffel tower. Those hotels were the hot picks for many honeymoon couples across the globe. But Airbnb is planning to rope in many hotels and apartments by the end of 2018. The luxurious hotels should pick up the pace and put up a good fight to stay in the race. According to sources, New York is the next target for Airbnb and the city’s traditional hotels are shaken after hearing the “great” news.

Airbnb’s Economic Impact Grows to Billions in France

Airbnb released its latest study revealing the economic impact of Airbnb in France. Airbnb helps to grow the tourism in France by supporting the French families. Airbnb has contributed billions in the economic activity to the France’s national economy in a year supporting 13300 jobs and authorized working families across thirteen regions in France to stay in their homes.

This is the study which reveals the impact of the Airbnb community in the entire country and it comes after similar studies across the various cities in the world which includes Madrid, New York and London.

The study reveals that Airbnb hosts are efficient as they rent their space to earn money for paying bills and various purposes. They are the visitors to France who come for a stay, spent money and spread economic benefits to villages and cities that haven’t benefited previously from tourism.

Airbnb is considered to be a complimentary for the existing France tourism industry and expands consumer choice without having any impact on hotels.

Airbnb allows families across the France to earn money from home renting and permit various visitors across the world to have a travel experience in France.

Millions of guests have visited France using Airbnb since 2008 and the Airbnb listings has been  getting doubled every year since 2010.More than 40 percent of the French renters completely depend on the income they earn from the Airbnb rentals.

Airbnb Need to Have Better Search than Google

Airbnb, the home rental service that connects travelers with various homes and apartments need be better at search when compared with Google.

A number of Americans and holiday travelers are heading to many tourist spots find it hard to search for a perfect place to stay.

Airbnb is not a big platform for search but Amazon and Google almost beats it. Other companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a better search past year. Airbnb is facing the problem that, its search result will not reveal websites, photos or the products.

In case of Airbnb, it is the duty of the host to make sure if guests can able to find a place to stay all the time. Airbnb can’t simply list the places in a given area, where google does it within seconds.

Marching supply and demand is necessary where it includes matching a right host suitable for a guest.

In order to solve this match making issue, Airbnb use machine learning to understand completely about the preferences and habits of both the guests and hosts. If a guest searches for accommodation on Airbnb site, it runs the machine model to determine host who has the possibility to accept.

According to test of model, ranking the house listings based on host’s chances will lead to four percent rise in the number of bookings, so Airbnb is using this model. The company also plans to collect preferences from hosts which can be placed on the top of machine model.

Airbnb Hosts Complains Of Missing Payments

Airbnb, one of the popular home rental companies is receiving complaints from its hosts, as there is a delay in receiving the host payments. It is also notable that many hosts are dissatisfied with the lack of transparency.

According to the service terms of Airbnb, it sends payments to the hosts approximately 24 hours after which a guest checks in. The home sharing platform collects full payment from the guests who book for less than a month, in order to gain a secure reservation.

Airbnb hosts gain a bad experience on the month of September with its payment procedures. One of the hosts of Airbnb from New York who rent out a space in Pennsylvania was expecting a good amount of payment from the company, but when he asked about the missing payment to customer service of the company, they responded that the money has been submitted to PayPal, the company’s default payment option. They also informed him that the company is not responsible for any missing payments and delays. When he tried contacting PayPal for this issue, he doesn’t find any pending or current transactions from Airbnb. Finally he posted about this issue on Twitter saying, he will contact the media, and then he got his money paid with some additional amount.

Some hosts even suffer with the late payments that extend up to four to five days. Airbnb simply blames on PayPal if a host complaints of late payment and black tracks if the host asks for the confirmation code of PayPal.

Airbnb plans to launch damage policy for landlords

Airbnb, the largest online hotel distribution network was found in 2008 by Brian Chesky. It offers a lot of options to its users in many countries across the globe. The company is also planning to extend its service to remote areas that do have any hotel facilities. It even allows people to make money off their spare rooms and apartments.

Airbnb has introduced a new feature in favor of landlords; it’s time to do the “victory dancing” guys. Its great news for the landlords, the company has launched insurance policies for its landlords in 16 countries across the globe. Airbnb’s host protection program would help the home owners to gain up to $1 million as insurance.

The landlords do not have to worry anymore regarding the property damages done by the travelers. Airbnb is known for its efficient service and it always tries to satisfy its users. The company is also planning to work on its insurance policies for personal injury as well. Airbnb is looking to implement the new feature in Lloyds of London and Netherlands.

Definitely, one less problem for the landlords on Airbnb, they can now rent their homes for holidaymakers with no second doubts. The company has offered many convenient options for its users over the years. It has introduced budget hotels in India and other developing countries to grab more attention from people. It has offered basic necessities to business travelers and also free stay at hotels in Paris during terrorist attacks.  How freaking cool is that? Let us hope Airbnb comes up with more cool features.  

Airbnb is on plan to add pricing recommendation tool

Airbnb, the online hotel distribution website is a biggest threat to the traditional hotels out there. The secret to the company’s massive success is due to its dedicated service to the users across the globe. The company is now planning to add a pricing recommendation tool for the renters on the website.

Airbnb would suggest the renter to raise the price for the property when there is a demand for it. This would be an appropriate feature to the host countries of Olympics and Fifa. Thousands of people would turn up for these historical events and the renters can make crazy amount of money off it.

The company would offer pricing tips for its home renters based on the demand for travel, room, the neighborhood and other essential factors. It is a very useful tool for the renters who have got no idea about the pricing tactics. If the renters pay attention to Airbnb’s pricing recommendations, there are high chances for the homes to get booked.

Nevertheless, the new feature has got immense positive feedbacks from the loyal renters on Airbnb. According to statistics, the tool has also elevated the chances for the renters. Also, the company allows the users to present gift cards for their loved ones who are planning to travel around the world. Airbnb has always lived up to its users’ expectations regardless the controversies. The new feature would sure be a massive hit among the renters of Airbnb.

Airbnb introduces surge pricing for its renters

Airbnb has been a life savior for many people who seek ways to make money off their empty apartments. Airbnb’s website is the most used one for housing rentals across the globe. The company has offered many features to its users in order to expand its service across the globe. Earlier this year, the company targeted the corporate world in order to provide service to business travelers. It was a massive hit because Airbnb offered basic necessities like irons, hair dryers and Wi-Fi to business travelers.

Do not jump to conclusions that Airbnb only reaches out to its travelers, the company has now planned to introduce surge pricing for its renters. This feature suggests prices for the renters based on the user demands for season, the locations and many other essential factors. Smart pricing is the enhanced version of pricing tool that was launched earlier this year. It is similar to the famous ride sharing company, Uber’s surge pricing. The renters do not have to worry about updating the price lists every now and then. The travelers can now look for the hotels that are according to their preferences on the pricing.

According to sources, Airbnb’s renters have now got more chances in getting their homes rented, thanks to smart pricing! It is a huge profit for the homeowners and it is a profit for the company as well. We can expect Airbnb to take over the entire world in near future. The traditional hotels will have to say sayonara very soon!